Product and Program Design

A solution tailored to your specific needs

To minimize risk across the loan lifecycle, First Marblehead offers bank and credit-union partners an exceptional level of flexibility and customizability in product and program design.

First, we will work closely with you to define your portfolio and program objectives. Next, we customize our Monogram® platform and create unique program guidelines based on your specific risk tolerance and marketing, workflow, and cash-flow needs. Finally, we optimize loan pricing based on market intelligence and our proprietary risk analytics.

The result: better risk-adjusted returns at every step in the private student loan process.

Monogram® platform features

  • All loans are school-certified
  • Up to four different repayment terms can be offered
  • Up to four different repayment options are available
  • Borrower benefit options can be customized and offered based on program
  • We support all major loan delivery systems such as ELM and ScholarNet