Collegiate Student Loans

A better way to connect students with private student loans

Today's students face a host of unprecedented challenges. In a competitive global marketplace, it's more important than ever for them to get the best possible education. At the same time, rising prices make it increasingly difficult to cover all their costs using federal student loans.

Help students understand their financial aid options

Our Smart Borrowing program gives students the information they need to make smart decisions about financing college, all in one place. And our proprietary online application comes with extensive "help" content and pricing transparency to help students understand their commitments when they apply for a private student loan.

Connect your students to loans that are right for them

We partner with lenders to offer a range of loan options — so students can access repayment options that make the most sense for them. And we work closely with you to make sure our lender partner loan programs integrate seamlessly with your institution's processes while meeting your students' unique borrowing needs.

At First Marblehead, we understand the unique challenges facing financial aid administrators. We should; we've been helping students finance their education for over 20 years.

See how our online loan application helps make loan options and pricing transparent for students.

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