Smart Borrowing

Helping students make smarter financial aid decisions

At First Marblehead, we're dedicated to helping schools empower their students to make responsible financial decisions and achieve their education goals. That's why we created the Smart Borrowing program, which provides students with the information they need to make going to college as affordable as possible.

The Smart Borrowing program emphasizes first turning to no-cost grants and scholarships, then to low-cost federal student loans, and only then to alternative financing sources such as private student loans. The program includes:

  • Information on key deadlines and milestones in the school and financial aid application processes
  • Information to help in the calculation of the total cost of education opportunities
  • Information on where to find grants and scholarships
  • Worksheets and calculators designed to clarify the costs of various financing options — and whether families can afford those costs
  • Relevant financial aid-related news
  • Information for parents and financial aid officers

Visit to see the program in action.